Nepal is a landlocked country, surrounded by India and China.  Entry of goods is available via India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Thailand.  The border with China is closed.  The most common ports of entry areHaldia and Kolkata (formally Calcutta), in West Bengal, India; thus shipments are subject to control and inspection by Indian Customs.Shipment must be consigned to owner’s full name and address in Nepal.


Almost all incoming and outgoing shipments to and from Nepal by sea freight is via Kolkata, which is approximately 1300 kilometers from Kathmandu, Nepal.  Transit time for transportation of steamship containers from Kolkata port to Kathmandu and return normally takes 15 to 20 days.  In order to avoid container rental charges it is always advisable to negotiate and make an agreement with the shipping company at the port of origin for free rental charges during transit time. The agreement clause "container rental charges will be free of cost for 20 days during transit from Kolkata port to Katmandu and return" must be mentioned (written) in the master ocean bill of lading of concerned shipping company.

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